can get you closer to your optimum natural performance

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We make stylish wearable’s, which incorporate a core disc imprinted with natural electrodynamic fieldsthat can enhance a person’s ability to cope with some of the effects of radiation particularly from wireless technology. Scientific evidence has shown that during long periods of exposure from electronic and electrical devices, can impact on a person’s health.

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A VivaZing® can help a person get closer to their optimum natural performance. People who wear VivaZing® products have reported having clearer thinking, increased awareness, improved flexibility, enhanced mental focus, endurance, stamina, vitality and more. 

WHO (World Health Organization) concluded that several research studies showed that induction of oxidative stress, may occur during extended exposure to this type of radiation. This could effect cognitive functions and also lead to higher levels of adrenal hormone production, which in turn can lead to higher anxiety levels. Both these issues can have an effect on an athlete’s performance.

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VivaZing® can help a person get closer to their optimum natural performance. By enhancing their ability to cope with some of the negative effects of radiation emissions, particularly from wireless technology. One of the ways to demonstrate a positive effect a VivaZing® wearable can have on a person, is an improvement in strength. Isometric strength tests have been carried out, showing that the majority tested gained a marginal positive impact. Research. 

Marginal gains can have an overall positive impact on performance.

Marginal gains can be the KEY to your success!


Chris, G